Auditions for the 2019 Abilene Youth Orchestra will take place for:

Strings – Saturday, January 19, 2019
Brass, Woodwind, Percussion – Sunday, January 20, 2019

at Abilene Christian University, Williams Performing Arts Center, ACU Dr, Abilene, TX 79601


Woodwinds, Brass, and Strings – Please bring a prepared solo, either a portion of a standard concerto, sonata, solo and ensemble piece, etc. You may also play region etudes but bring in a portion of a technical etude and a lyrical etude.
Percussion – bring a short prepared solo or portion of region etude on snare, and mallet instrument (either two mallet or four mallet, not both)


Please prepare the excerpts that are on the website. The excerpts come from Finlandia by Sibelius and Variations on a Shaker Melody by Copland. It is strongly encouraged that you listen to recordings.


Choose (YOUR choice) 2 major scales from the following keys – C, F, Bb, Eb, G, D, A (up to 3 sharps/3 flats)
Woodwinds and Brass – 1 or 2 octaves, all slurred or slur 2/tongue 2, at a tempo you can play accurately
Strings – 2 or 3 octaves, 1 or 2 notes per bow, full bow, at a tempo you can play accurately
Percussion – 2 or 3 octaves (marimba), at a tempo you can play accurately