Get ready for Dia de los Muertos

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Don’t miss Abilene Philharmonic’s Masterworks II concert, Dia de los Muertos, on
Saturday, October 27th at 7:30 pm! Come celebrate with us and hear from
incredible artists, and dance along with our first ever collaboration with the Ballet
Folklorico del Big Country! The Abilene Philharmonic is looking forward to joining
together in celebration of the Spanish culture and music!
Our special guest, the Ballet Folklorico del Big Country: Alma de Nuestras
Raices, will accompany the Abilene Philharmonic on stage. The Ballet Folklorico
serves as a place for all children and youth to learn and experience the wealth of
music, history and culture of Mexico and Latin America through the art of ballet
and educational programs. We are honored to host the incredible dancers as we
celebrate the music together.
The concert will consist of composers such as Carlos Chávez, Maurice
Ravel, José Pablo Moncayo, Arturo Marquez, and Manuel de Falla. With
composers from Spain and from Mexico, the latin culture is widespread, but has
a definite sound about it that runs through all of the music. Chávez’s most
popular work, his Sinfonía india, is the best example of his unique synthesis of
Mexican Indian music with the sound of the symphony orchestra. Even though it
contains movements based on traditional Spanish dance forms, Ravel’s
Rapsodie espagnole is not a travelogue full of musical “souvenirs.” Ravel’s use of
Spanish rhythms, modes, and colors reaches down to the spirit of Spanish
music. Moncayo based his Huapango on three authentic folk tunes. The fiery first
section is based on the songs “Siqui Siri” and “Balajú,” while the slower and more
lyrical middle section is based on the song “El Gavilán.” Marquez’s Danzón 2 is a
formal couple dance that comes from Cuba originally and can trace its heritage
back to the habanera and the French contredanse via Haiti. And finally, Manuel
de Falla composed the “Three Cornered Hat” that is cinematic, bold, and
indescribably colorful. A real treat!
Another reason to put this concert on your calendar, is because we now
offer child care! Day Nursery of Abilene is working with us to provide child care
during concert nights for children 3 months to 10 years old. You must register
your child no later than Wednesday, October 24th and the cost is $35, or $25 for
Mozart Society members. Drop off time for child care is 5:30 p.m. and pick up
time is 10:00 P.M. It is a wonderful opportunity for your kids to have some fun,
while you and your spouse enjoy a night out!

We are thrilled to present the music of these composers with the added
bonus of dance. Because what better than a true celebration for the Spanish
culture! We hope to see you at our Día de los Muertos celebration concert,
October 27th, 7:30 PM, at the Abilene Convention Center!

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