Annual Fund Contributions

2013-2014 Annual Fund Contributions

Listing as of December 8, 2013


The Abilene Philharmonic is deeply grateful to the following individuals, corporations, and foundations that have provided gifts to the Annual Fund:


GOLDEN BATON ($5,000 TO $9,999)

Louis and Bobbie L. Gee Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene

Greathouse Foundation


SILVER BATON ($2,500 TO $4,999)

Maurita and Josh Ammons


CONDUCTOR’S CIRCLE ($1,000 TO $2,499)

Dr. Jack and Ruth Bargainer

Bob and Peggy Beckham Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene

Edward and Roberta Brandecker

Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Chitwood

Molly Cline

Shannon Cooke

Ralph and Barbara Gibson

Leslie and Linda Hammond

Chris and Mike Hoffnagle

Melody Hunt, Hunt Direct Marketing, Inc.

Paul Johnson

Portia and S.M. Moore

Mrs. Charlene Shaller

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Sorgen

Dr. & Mrs. Brett Teague

Grady and Rose Waddell

PATRON ($500 TO $999)

Mrs. Roy Helen Mingus Ackers Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Black

John and Lisa Blackwell

Borden Duffel PC, Annabel House

Virginia B. Brogan

Virginia Connally

Don and Rudith Drennan

Catherine Lansdowne

Don and Irene Ludlum

Dave and Clare Nickel

Jeanette and John Pennington

Cal and Barbara Sanford

Kris and Karen Southward

Beverly Tarpley


SUSTAINER ($250 TO $499)
Roger and Mary Bauernfeind

Conrad and Linda Bratton

Dr. J. Price Brock and Nancy C. Brock

Dr. and Mrs. Ferral Endsley

Joe and Evelyn Ferguson

Cora Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Hughes

Jim Ned CISD

Rebecca Jones

Dr. Austin King, The Honorable Susan King

Dr. Angela E. Nicolini

Dorothy Preston

Ronald and Sharon Ramsaier

Jack and Joy Ramsey

Darwin and Ruth Sharp

Mrs. Arthur D. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Zane Travis

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Trull

David and Joy Watson

Tom and Amanda Watson

ADVOCATE ($100 TO $249)

Delbert and Aletta Allred

Jill Estes Bailey

Margaret Basquette

Charles Boecking

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Boecking

Thomas Bowser

Lt. Col (Ret) and Mrs. Robert R. Brown

Sue and Ken Burgess

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cartee

Kent and Lynnette Chambers

James and Linda Chapel

Judith and Charles Chapman

Tim and Nancy Coburn

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Dawley

Mr. and Mrs. Sean Desrochers, Sr

Joan Dickenson

Gladys R. Dillard

Bill and Tina Enriquez

Charles E. Erwin

Lale and B. J. Estes

Mrs. John Estes, Jr

Judy Fahey

Loretta Fulton

Mary and Larry Gill

Bob and Betty Hale

Kirk W. Hancock

Virginia Hardy

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hauschild

Ed and Ann Hewett

Joe and Jane Hoff

Col. (Ret) and Mrs. Jim Holmans

Ben and Byna Hood

Eleanor and Robert Hoppe

Shirley and Bob Hunter

Otis and Jane Jones

Mrs. Betty Kennamer

Louise and Robert Lockhart

Jeff Luther

Kay Manwarren

Henry McGinty

Doris and Bobby Melson

Elton Montgomery

Carol and Newt Newberry

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norwood

Col. (Ret) and Mrs. Jack Nuding

John and Chris Parramore

Mrs. George R. Pepper

Dub and Mary Pritchett

Mark and Lauren Puckett

Grant Rampy

Ken and Marianna Rasco

Bill and Tami Rhyan

Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Richert

Ms. Charlene Ricketts

M.K. Roberson

Mrs. R. Lee Rode

Lavern and Joe Roeder

Dr. and Mrs. Herman Schaffer

Bill and Lu Shoemake

Jeri and Connie Mac Skaggs

Bob and Darlene Smith

Jeanne Standard

Joe, Loretta and Sarah Starkey

Larry and Karen Stout

John and Barbara Stuart

Carolyn Strain

Ms. Jamie Villegas

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Voit

John H. Waggoner

Mr. M. A. Warner

Jim and Kathy Webster

Bob and Betty Weissinger

David and Gayle Wilson

Bill and Alice Wright


Anonymous (2)


William and Lynn Bennett

Bobby E. Bingham

Curtis Blackburn

Leroy and Rhonda Bolt

Mrs. Bea Chase

Harriet Connor

Dr. Joyce M. Curtis

Joan Dickenson

Mr. and Mrs. Will Dix

Don and Joyce Faver

Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ferguson

Charles Fuller

Sandy and Gene Sherman

Aleta and Gary Hacker

Bob and Kathy Hale

Larry Hardwicke, MD

Ann Henderson

Carol Hendry

Joann Jones

Robin A. Julien

Gail Clark Kaiser

Jane and Holman King

Fleda Lambert

Gloria E. Lantzy

Cheryl R. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Luther

Mr. and Mrs. Liew

Harmony Club/Carol McClellan

Mr. and Mrs. Donald McKee

Craig and Patti Mendehall

Phil Morehead

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Neatherlin

Madelyn F. Neathery

Kermitt and Myra Newton

Rex and JoAnn Nutt

Mrs. P. C. Palasota

Susan Perry

Aliceann Phillips

Libby and Taylor Rankin

Jim Ravanelli

Dennis and Vicki Rowan

J. Caro and Lela Russell

Stan Selby

Sandy and Gene Sherman

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Shooter

Gloria Speak

Mr. and Mrs. Farrell Stephens

Karen Swearingen

Joyce and Carlos Talley

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Thames

Mrs. George D. Thurman

Nancy Watson

Alice Welch

James and Norma Weston

Jo Ann and Randy Wilson

Dr. Larry Wolz

Bev and Don Wright

David and Judy Wyse




2013-2014 Memorials and Honorariums


We remember and appreciate the individuals listed below, and thank the donors who gave gifts in their names to the Abilene Philharmonic.

In Memory of Harriet Jones Bass
Abilene Philharmonic Guild
Harriet Connor
Eleanor and Robert Hoppe
Paul Johnson
Gilbert and Dottie Korman
Phil Morehead
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Neatherlin
Charles and Betty Nelson
Mrs. P.C. Palasota
Lynn and Carl Roeder
Cal and Barbara Sanford
Jolene Sollivan
Paul and Gail Thames


In Memory of Ruby and Arnold Johnson
Paul Johnson


In Memory of Eva Mae Manley
Gloria Speak


In Memory of Betty Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Bawcom
Frances T. Buzard
Dr. and Mrs. Victor Hirsch
H. Miller Richert, M.D. and Diana Richert
Beverly Tarpley


In Memory of Dr. Herman Schaffer
Mrs. P.C. Palasota


In Memory of Mr. Scott Taliaferro
Paul and Gail Thames


In Memory of Shari Temple

Gayle and Robert Gray


In Memory of Virginia White
Gilbert and Dottie Korman
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Neatherlin


In Honor of Molly Cline
Bob and Peggy Beckham Donor Advised Fund at the Community Foundation of Abilene


In Honor of Harriet Connor

Gilbert and Dottie Korman

Jeff Connor


In Honor of Bobbie Gee

Gilbert and Dottie Korman


In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Malm

Gilbert and Dottie Korman


In Honor of Vance McCracken

Gilbert and Dottie Korman


In Honor of Portia and S.M. Moore

Eleanor and Robert Hoppe


In Honor of Dr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson

Gilbert and Dottie Korman


In Honor of Jolene Sollivan

Gilbert and Dottie Korman


In Honor of Patty Taliaferro

Gilbert and Dottie Korman


In Honor of Jon L. Thorne

Gilbert and Dottie Korman