Abilene Philharmonic Guild


The Abilene Philharmonic Guild was founded in 1954 in an effort to support the Abilene Philharmonic through volunteering, fundraising, and friend-raising. Membership in the Guild is open to anyone who supports and promotes the interest and growth of the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra.

Guild Membership

Membership to the Philharmonic Guild is $50 a year and you must have an active Philharmonic season subscription.

  • Guild members meet nine times each year between September and May to enjoy performances by local music talent in beautiful homes of members, share news of upcoming events, fellowship, and lunch.
  • Guild volunteers help coordinate out of town student seating for the Philharmonic’s Discover Music Children’s Concerts in October.
  • The Guild plans and hosts the Philharmonic’s Gold Medallion Ball as the organization's major fundraising event.
  • Guild members oversee the planning and execution of the Belles and Beaus program.

For more information on the Guild please call our office at 325.677.6710 or email info@abilenephilharmonic.org

Belles and Beaus

The Belles and Beaus is a group of young men and women that support the Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra and its Guild. The participants volunteer by ushering during Philharmonic concerts and events. They also serve as volunteers at the Gold Medallion Ball and Coffee. Belles and Beaus participate in the program while in the 8th thru 12th grades. The program is composed of students from all Abilene and surrounding area schools.

How to join

Belle and Beaus can join as early as their 8th grade year. Sign-ups start in March with two informational sessions in April and May.

If your son or daughter are interested in joining the Belle or Beau program please contact our office at 325.677.6710 or email info@abilenephilharmonic.org.

Guild History

The Abilene Philharmonic Guild was founded in 1953 as the Symphony League. With annual dues of only $3.00, it was organized by 15 ladies with the purpose of supporting the Symphony Orchestra. The Abilene Philharmonic Guild was formally organized in 1954 with a membership of 75 ladies. In 1961, the first Philharmonic Ball was held at the elegant Abilene Country Club and serves as the Symphony’s annual fundraising event even to this day.

In 1969, the Tempoettes were organized to give young women volunteer opportunities to serve as ushers during concerts and other Guild activities. As the “face of the Philharmonic”, the members of the Tempoettes grew to have a reputation of excellence in academics, sports, music, and community service. Then in 1955, Patty Taliaferro created the annual Discover Music Children’s Concerts with the purpose of educating and inspiring through live symphony orchestra performances. The first concerts were attended by only third grade students, but the program quickly expanded to include students in grades three through five as well as special education and home school students. These students come from the city of Abilene and the surrounding big country.

In 1971, the Annual Ball was moved to the Abilene Civic Center along with the introduction of the afternoon teas, for those who were unable to attend the ball but still wanted to enjoy the atmosphere created by the decoration committee. The Guild has always taken great pride in being known for creating the most elegant fundraising decor of all city events.

The year 2005 brought many firsts. The Tempoette program changed its name to the Belles and Beaus to allow young men of high school age to take part in the program. Also the Annual Ball changed its title to the Gold Medallion Ball, to incorporate the Grande Dame, Noble Gold, and Golden Charm honorees. In addition, a scholarship program was created to award a gold, silver, and bronze scholarship to three deserving Belles or Beaus.

Many extraordinary women in and around Abilene have worked to fulfill the mission of those first fifteen women. These enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, along with the support of the community generously contribute to the Philharmonic and stimulate interest and appreciation for symphonic music.


Thank You to Our Supporters